Dr. Frances Rinaldi • Master Storyteller

Dr. Frances Rinaldi loves sharing tales of all kinds, with some preference to those related to her by her grandmother. Some of her other stories are featured in ?Night Walk,? a book she authored and illustrated.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic she incorporates art and storytelling into the healing process. She states, ?The greatest compliment one person can give to another is 
to listen to his or her story. It?s where the healing begins.?

Dr. Rinaldi is available for storytelling. $25.00 per hour. If out of Brevard County, Florida, traveling expenses would apply.

Purchases can be made on-line through Pay Pal. Or you can email to make arrangements for payment by check or credit card.

email [email protected]


The Final Act, From Woodstock to Broadway,  by F.R. Merrill is available at www.amazon.com Paperback $12.95 and Kindle $2.99

Crossroads, A Camino Tale, by F.R. Merrill is available at http://www.amazon.com/ Paperback $12.95 and Kindle $2.99

Murder in Mosaic, by F.R. Merrill is available http://www.amazon.com

Paperback $12.95 and Kindle $2.99

New Release: Buddha, Christ, and the Eagle by Frances Rinadli is available http://www.amazon.com    Paperback $9.25  and Kindle $2.99

All books are also available on audible and I-tunes


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    Sue Rapp
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